Jae Luna "These Nights" - Music Video - 2018
Directed by
Lee Min-Wei
Shot by Linda Wu
Edited by Matt Campbell

Madison McFerrin "Insane" - Music Video - 2018
Directed // Cut by
Jasia Kaulbach
Shot by Leyna Rowan
Edited by John MacDonald

We Are Terrible - Short Film - 2018
Directed // Cut by
John MacDonald
Shot by William Hart

Ripple - Short Film - 2018
Directed by
 Lee Min-Wei
Shot by Linda Wu // Alex Hass
Edited by Bea Young

Maple Man - Short Film - 2018
Directed by
Sebastian DiNatale
DP Brad Howe
Edited by Brad Howe // Sebastian DiNatale

AU - Short Film - 2018
Directed by
Nicole Allan
DP Joe Duva
Edited by Esteban García Vernaza

A Day With Noken - Branded Doc - 2018
Directed // Shot // Cut by
Rick Jacques
Produced by Emily Brockway

War Poem - Short Film - 2018
Directed by
Ty Richardson
DP Adam Carboni
Edited by Rachel Greco
VFX by Heather Kennedy // Nicky Picardo

Bill Hader's Biggest Fans - SNL Promo - 2018
Directed by
Paul Briganti
DP Jason Vandermer
Edited by Sean McIlrath

HYPEBEAST // The Local: Episode 4 - Branded Doc - 2018
Directed by
Elana Staroselsky // Paul Heavener
DP Sebastian Ruiz

Sanctuary - Short Film - 2017
Directed by
Jeanette Sears
DP Yessica Curiel Montoya

Avon Old Farms - Promo - 2017
// Shot // Cut by Phil Toran
Produced by Nuhelm Films

BoA "CAMO" - Music Video - 2017
Directed by
Woojee Kim
DP 김진우
VFX Supervisor Dae Kang

Kori James: SHIFT - Short Film - 2017
Directed // Shot by
TJ Jones
Edited by Matt Campbell

Short Game - Short Film - 2017
Directed by
Allistair Johnson
DP // Editor Daniel Johnson

Davi Akei "Distance" - Music Video - 2017
Directed // Shot by
TJ Jones
Edited by Rachel Greco

Giving Up - Pilot - 2017
Directed by
Kris Lefcoe
DP Nicolas de Miranda
Edited by Daniel Johnson // Kris Lefcoe

In Passing - Short Film - 2017
Directed by
Bittnarie Shin
DP Charlotte Dupré
Edited by Eric Schuman

This is Not a Love Song - Short Film - 2016
Directed by
Ursula Ellis
DP Nick Perron-Siegel
Edited by Ursula Ellis // Russell Yaffe

Bullock the Bruiser - Feature Film - 2016
Directed by
Marcelo Mayen
DP Wally Colon
Edited by José Venutolo

Glass - Video Installation - 2015
Directed // Choreographed // Cut by
Cortney Andrews
DP and Steadicam Operator Jamie Northrup

Door on the Left - Short Film - 2015
Directed by
Kati Skelton // Harrison Atkins
DP Harrison Atkins
Edited by Daniel Johnson